The telescope
The telescope is a 3.4m diameter optical RC telescope benefitting from on axis Cassegrain focus and side Cassegrain stations. The high quality primary is actively supported to deleiver a high quality image over a medium large field of 30 arcmin at the main Cassegrain focus. Field of view of 30 arcmin and 15 arcmin will be made available.

A graphical view of the INO 3.4m telescope!

INO site, Gragash, alt 3600m
The site
The site was selected after an extensive survey lasting nearly a decade. Gargash, located in central Iran at an altitude of 3600m, is now under development. The site offers a median seeing with FWHM of 0.7 arcsec.

The INO340 will be used for astronomical observations of galactic and extra-galactic sources. It is seen as a major step to respond to a growing demand in higher education.

A long exposure picture from Gargash shows lights from nearby cities.
Light pollution control
As for many other similar observatories man made light is seen as major obstacle to achieve the depth and quality in photometry and spectroscopy. A pilot light pollution control has been actively pursed.

The community
The public and the community of astronomers have been following the project with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm.